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Value Creation Via Infrastructure Savings

How Aimably Helped Kick-Start the Financial Transformation of a Formerly Public Software Company

A Top 5 PE firm took a 15-year-old software company private and retained a leading management and technology consulting firm to assist in post-close value creation planning. Understanding that reducing public cloud spend aggressively would be critical to the success of their engagement, the consulting firm contracted Aimably to perform a cost reduction analysis as a subcontractor.

Upon completion of the project, Aimably identified a 22% reduction potential from the most recent month’s $4.9M AWS bill and a 40% reduction potential from the most recent month’s $461K Azure bill, resulting in a projected combined annual savings of $15.3M on top of an already-secured $8M in savings executed by internal teams in the prior year.

As an established software company, having grown through organic and acquisitive means, software re-architecture posed the most significant opportunity for value creation, and was the main thrust of the consulting firm engagement. Knowing that such projects can be expensive and time-consuming, the consulting firm leveraged Aimably’s infrastructure-focused approach to project immediate savings independent of software development timelines.

After spending time understanding the unique architecture and product catalog of the software company, Aimably generated 26 quantifiable cost reduction recommendations, averaging $840K in annual savings each. To ensure effective execution, Aimably provided guidance for immediate reduction actions and process changes, designed to prevent such excess spending from reappearing in the future. All recommendations focused on infrastructure re-configuration and optimization, rather than software architecture.

While the acquired software company possessed sophisticated cloud optimization capabilities in-house, these individuals’ efficacy was restricted by competing infrastructure development priorities and an inability to quantify expected corporate impact before breaking ground on a specific project. With the PE ownership change and the Aimably cost reduction assessment findings, DevOps teams were now armed with the capability to properly prioritize cost reduction efforts against customer commitments and growth initiatives, driving the company towards rapid financial transformation.

Key Results

  • $15.3M Annual Savings
  • 26 recommendations
  • 22% savings on AWS
  • 40% savings on Azure
  • 45-day turnaround


  • Executive Summary & Forecast
  • Detailed Business Findings
  • AWS Technical Implementation Guide
  • Azure Technical Implementation Guide
  • Resource Action Lists

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