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When cost reductions are necessary, AWS spending cannot be ignored. Turn to Aimably for a realistic roadmap to results.

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AWS Cost Reduction Assessment by Aimably.

Built to deliver real financial results based on easy-to-execute solutions.

Aimably helps teams:


Every leader needs to know the total scope of the savings available to your organization. Aimably's AWS Cost Reduction Assessment includes a detailed assessment of all technical and financial methods of cost savings. Receive a summary report, including range of potential savings and relative risk of executing each component task.

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Prioritized Recommendations

Spend time on the actions that will create the biggest impact. Aimably's AWS Cost Reduction Assessment includes a list of the most important actions to take based on cost and benefit analysis, making sure your engineering team's effort is focused on generating business results.

Financial Models

Balance cash needs against total expense savings. Aimably's AWS Cost Reduction Assessment models out the financial impact of each of your contract options, delivering the right data to your accounting team for informed decision-making.

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A new approach to AWS cost management.

Technical solutions to financial management challenges that meet the exacting standards of any accountant.

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