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A photo of a conference room filled with men and women in a discussion
A photo of a conference room filled with men and women in a discussion

Institutional Investors

Unlock the greatest portfolio value.

Partner with technical leadership to select investments, improve margins, understand the true cost of each business unit, and optimize revenue.

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Due Diligence

Bet on the right horse, every time.

Investors must develop clear opinions without experience with the unique operations of each target investment. We give you a standardized lens with which to compare AWS spending in detail, enhancing your ability to recognize greatness.

Aimably helps investors:

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Cut out excesses without stifling growth.

Reducing AWS spending is a risky prospect as the wrong decision can erode the customer relationship. By connecting each element of AWS spend to its business purpose and estimated cost reduction potential, we empower analysts to model low-risk savings into operational plans.

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Aimably helps investors:

Creating Focus

Separate the rising stars from the cash cows.

Every product line has its own revenue and expenses, but rarely can teams report these independently. We make it easy to isolate AWS costs for specific organizations and teams. Individualized operational strategies for each business unit collectively drive the greatest enterprise value.

Aimably helps investors:

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Never lose money on a deal again.

In the early stages, companies formulate prices to gain customers quickly, but by the time you get involved, pricing decisions look like the wild west. We make it easy to understand the AWS cost basis of every deal before it's made, ensuring every sale is priced appropriately for profitability.

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Aimably helps investors:

How will you transform a business?

Public cloud costs have been misunderstood and ignored for too long. Aimably's tools make your opportunities clear.

Imagine the possibilities.

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AWS Invoice Management Software

Transform your AWS usage into meaningful accounting transactions, automatically

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AWS Cost Reduction Assessment

A custom, in-depth cost optimization roadmap built to deliver real financial results

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Public Cloud Due Diligence Report

A technical and financial snapshot of a company's cloud footprint, built for mergers & acquisitions

Create clarity.
Make transformation possible.

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