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A photo of Aimably co-founders Mark Milbourne and Claire Milligan
A photo of Aimably co-founders Mark Milbourne and Claire Milligan

We felt AWS billing pains and committed ourselves to solving them.

Accountability without visibility.

As a SaaS engineering leader, Mark found himself accountable for multiple organizations' AWS spending, but had no access to information about what was being spent on a daily basis.

Responsibility without explanation.

As a SaaS general manager, Claire was given the responsibility to transform the spending of her business unit, but could not source AWS income statement entries to any business purpose.

Authority without understanding.

As a SaaS general manager, Claire pushed her accounting team to explain causes of AWS spending changes, but learned the team simply approved and paid invoices without understanding the detail.

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We believe software can heal the divide between finance and engineering.

With Aimably, we share our expertise with you, ensuring you have the full set of the missing AWS billing puzzle pieces required to lead technology companies responsibly.

Mark Milbourne, CTO

“I believe in the power of connected teams who enjoy their work, together.”

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Claire Milligan, CEO

“It's important to be of service to others. Great businesses master this.”

A bit about Claire:

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