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Photo of a meeting around a conference table. The man in focus is smiling towards the camera.
Photo of a meeting around a conference table. The man in focus is smiling towards the camera.

Public Cloud Due Diligence Report, by Aimably.

Built to give acquirers an instant window into the financial impact of a company's cloud footprint.

Aimably helps teams:

  • Measure the sophistication of cloud infrastructure
  • Assess the accuracy of historical gross margin reporting
  • Assign a cost to service specific customers and products
  • Envision the impact of cost optimization activities
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The deal can't wait for a long-winded analysis. Aimably's Public Cloud Due Diligence Report can be executed within three business days, or less. Receive a summary report, including financial and technical analysis in your hands within the week.

Illustration representing a screenshot of the Aimably software global inventory summary

Diligence isn't the time to cause worry or concern in the general employee base. Aimably's Public Cloud Due Diligence Report requires a simple integration configuration, taking the technical team no more than 15 minutes. Aimably sources the rest of the financial context from the deal team to generate the comprehensive picture.

Gives You the Upper Hand

Corporate public cloud accounting is rarely accurate and often flat-out wrong. Aimably's Public Cloud Due Diligence Report applies our experts' financial modeling techniques to actual usage data to generate an accurate estimate of key financial metrics. Use these results to gain the upper hand when finalizing deal terms.

Illustration of Aimably monthly cost allocation report for AWS invoices


per report

An analysis of AWS, Azure, or GCP spend, containing:

Total spend by service category in most recent month

Global resource distribution of all current assets

Overall spend trend of previous year

Estimated cost per customer and comparison to average

Estimated cost per product and historical trend

Estimated gross margin contribution of each product line

Maximum contractual savings available to the company

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We can no longer enter into SaaS deals blindly.

Gone are the times of revenue-only multiples and free-flowing cash. Gross margins and EBITDA are finally having their say.

That means it's time for deal diligence to catch up. With the public cloud being the second-highest expense of most SaaS companies, it's imperative to put it through rigorous technical and financial analysis.

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