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What would it take to gain total confidence in your AWS accounting?

Explore Aimably plans and pricing to chart your course.

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It used to require labor-intensive, cross-departmental task forces.
Now, all it takes is Aimably.

Without Aimably
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Lengthy manual effort to produce uncertain results.

Freedom to plan, report, and analyze with confidence.

Data Confidence


Monthly Effort

~4 hr

Data Confidence


Monthly Effort

5 min

Basic PLAN



Connect to one AWS organization.

Process invoices for one legal business entity.

Export data in standard accounting formats.

Categorize and allocate based on AWS cost and usage data.

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Premium PLAN



All Basic Plan features, plus:

Connect to unlimited AWS organizations.

Process invoices for additional legal business entities at a rate of $200/entity/month.

Export data in customized accounting formats.

Categorize and allocate based on AWS cost and usage data and external business metrics, such as revenue or client usage data.

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Full Service Plan

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All Premium Plan features, plus:

AWS GAAP bookkeeping advisory expert services

Annual cost reduction assessment included.

Customized KPI tracking.

Process invoices for unlimited legal business entities.

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AWS Cost Reduction Assessment


plus commission

A detailed analysis of all usage, utilization, configuration and cost data to generate an action list of cost savings recommendations specific to your business operations, including:

Estimated savings results for each recommendation

Estimated effort and risk to implement each recommendation

Guided resource-level instructions to implement each recommendation

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Transform AWS spending like the leader you are.

How can we optimize our AWS expense? It's the age-old question from CFO to CTO.

There's a laundry list of AWS cost optimizations that any company could consider, but it's nearly impossible for any individual to estimate the cost and reward of taking each on.

Let Aimably create a custom AWS spend control roadmap for you.

ONCORPS Case Study

“Aimably took the time to understand our unique architecture and returned with a detailed roadmap to 56% AWS savings.”

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Ken Leeser CISO of OnCorps

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