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Interior image of a meeting. Man in the foreground is smiling.

Let's get you on your way to AWS billing nirvana.

AWS Spend

Ideal for engineers looking to manage team AWS spending.


per AWS account per month,
after $500 implementation fee
  • Daily spend trends
  • Historical usage and spending dashboard
  • Concerning spend alerts with custom escalation paths

AWS Invoice Management

Ideal for accountants looking to confidently process AWS bills.


per legal business entity per month,
after $5,000 implementation fee
  • Consolidated invoices
  • Usage details for reconciliation
  • Allocation reports custom to your GL

AWS Cost Reduction

Ideal for companies looking to cut AWS spending, now.


one time fee
  • Recommendations prioritized by cost and benefit estimates
  • Modeled one-year spending ranges as a result of optimizations
  • Excess capacity and unused resources identified
  • Architectural and contract cost reduction solutions analyzed
  • Software implementation fees waived when purchased together

AWS Financial
Operations Services

Ideal for companies seeking expertise, planning, and execution.


per legal business entity per month
  • Included subscription and implementation for both software suites
  • Included annual cost optimization assessment
  • Annual budget model development
  • Quarterly board reports
  • Additional professional services upon request

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