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Unleashing the Power of Cloud Cost Optimization

How Aimably Helped OnCorps Identify 56% AWS Savings Potential

As Chief Information Security Officer at OnCorps, I'm tasked with ensuring that our cloud infrastructure is performing optimally, is secure, and is cost-efficient. Balancing these goals can be challenging and, like many other technology companies, our focus on capital efficiency has increased even more in recent months.

To help identify cloud infrastructure cost-saving opportunities, I set an achievable goal of reducing our monthly Amazon Web Services (AWS) costs by 15% and brought in the Aimably team to provide their AWS Cost Reduction Assessment service. Initially, I was concerned that we'd be given generic recommendations that wouldn't be relevant to our business. But the Aimably team put my mind at ease with their thorough project kickoff and assessment process.

They took the time to understand our unique architecture and used their expertise to explore limitations and ascertain priorities unique to our business. After analyzing our AWS spending over the course of a month, they returned with a detailed report that calculated potential monthly savings between 49% and 56%. I was incredibly impressed by the results.

But the value went beyond a simple listing of potential actions. Alongside the report, Aimably provided a technical implementation guide that became a roadmap for executing their recommendations. They also analyzed contractual agreements with AWS and mapped out the expense savings and cash schedules required to enter into each agreement.

A few months into the implementation process, we've already exceeded our 15% savings goal and have only scratched the surface of the recommendations provided by the Aimably team. As a growing organization with limited resources, OnCorps couldn't have achieved these results without their help.

If you find yourself in need of expert cost-saving recommendations for your cloud infrastructure, our group at Oncorps highly recommends the Aimably team. Their AWS Cost Reduction Assessment service was an exceptional, high-quality experience supported by their deep domain knowledge and willingness to understand our unique business requirements.

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