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Photo of a woman in front of a whiteboard smiling.
Photo of a woman in front of a whiteboard smiling

AWS Invoice Management Software, by Aimably.

Built to ensure that you and your team can track, reconcile and report your AWS spending accurately.

Aimably helps teams:

  • Handle invoice processing within the finance team
  • Avoid lengthy delays waiting for approval
  • Spot discrepancies between invoices and actual usage
  • Report AWS spending accurately by business purpose
  • Reduce interdepartmental tensions
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All Your Bills In One Place

Handle AWS spending just once each month. Aimably's AWS Invoice Management Software delivers a single consolidated invoice containing all individual charges and bills, giving accountants the opportunity to review all cloud spending at once.

Illustration of Aimably monthly consolidated AWS invoice
Invoice and Usage Reconciliation

Quickly spot and remediate any mismatched billing. Aimably's AWS Invoice Management Software provides reconciliation reports with historical context, making sure accountants have the detail needed to ask meaningful questions of engineering teams.

Cost Allocation Tables

Ensure all business operations decisions are informed by sound data. Aimably's AWS Invoice Management Software automatically calculates every financial account allocation and expense accrual, giving your team the confidence that financial reports are as accurate as possible.

Illustration of Aimably monthly cost allocation report for AWS invoices
Transparency is powerful

Aimably puts your finance team back in control. Model your AWS spending with the same confidence as all other cost lines. Influence business operations decisions with a more robust data set.

Aimably for Corporate Accountants

A changing economy requires action.

With Aimably, you become confident in the accuracy of your financial reporting. Make the right strategic decisions, without second-guessing.

Plans & Pricing
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Get on track, quickly.

During implementation, our team works with you to translate your technical AWS data into your existing accounting practices.

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Leverage our expertise.

Need to resolve an urgent business question? Our team’s here to support you across any finish line.

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Request guidance.

As your goals and strategies change, we can help you find insights and develop cost control measures that fit.

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