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Photo of two men. in suits reviewing a computer screen together.
Photo of two men. in suits reviewing a computer screen together.

Corporate Accounting

Accurately book, allocate, and report AWS spend.

Put your AWS bookkeeping on autopilot. Gain financial statement accuracy and enhance your internal controls.

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Statement Accuracy

Face your auditor with total confidence.

Every year, corporate accounting teams across the globe face the scrutiny of auditors knowing that their AWS bookkeeping process is broken. We deliver a reliable transaction processing workflow that matches technical reality, with the evidence to back it up.

Aimably helps accounting departments:

Features & Deliverables:

Fraud Prevention

Eliminate the risk of bad behavior.

Anytime high levels of spend, human judgement, and manual processes get involved in bookkeeping, the opportunity for Accounts Payable fraud increases dramatically. By automating the formerly manual AWS accounting process, we reduce temptation towards criminal behavior meaningfully.

Features & Deliverables:

Aimably helps accounting departments:

Meaningful Metrics

Ground the conversation in business reality.

When there aren't processes in place to guarantee reporting accuracy, conversations can often center around the validity of the data instead of their implications. We give both technical and financial teams certainty in the process, which empowers a shift towards decision-making and action.

Aimably helps accounting departments:

Features & Deliverables:

strategic planning

Make well-informed recommendations.

It's often to see finance leaders skip right over the large AWS spend line item when discussing business transformation strategies, as if it's untouchable. On top of increasing the accuracy of AWS spend reporting, we provide a detailed guide to potential AWS cost optimization that helps you lead the conversation.

Features & Deliverables:

Aimably helps accounting departments:

How will you transform a business?

Public cloud costs have been misunderstood and ignored for too long. Aimably's tools make your opportunities clear.

Imagine the possibilities.

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AWS Invoice Management Software

Transform your AWS usage into meaningful accounting transactions, automatically

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AWS Cost Reduction Assessment

A custom, in-depth cost optimization roadmap built to deliver real financial results

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Public Cloud Due Diligence Report

A technical and financial snapshot of a company's cloud footprint, built for mergers & acquisitions

Create clarity.
Make transformation possible.

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