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Aimably Commits One Percent of Revenue to High-Quality Carbon Removal Projects

The cloud hosting financial management company now partners with Stripe Climate to achieve maximum environmental impact of funds

OXNARD, CA (APRIL 22, 2021) – Aimably, Inc., the company bringing refreshing clarity, fluency, and control over Amazon Web Services (AWS) spending to growth-scale technology executives, today announced a partnership with Stripe Climate as one of its first steps towards committing itself to social and environmental impact.

As a part of the partnership, Aimably is committing one percent (1%) of all sales transactions processed through the Stripe platform towards the Stripe Climate fund. The Stripe Climate team directs 100% of these assets towards carbon removal projects pre-selected by scientific advisors on the basis of their long-term impact.

“It’s one thing to state your values in a boardroom and it’s quite another to commit to them with your revenue,” Chief Executive Officer Claire Milligan said. “Our partnership with Stripe Climate gives our clients and investors the confidence that we are committed to being an active force for meaningful environmental impact.”

According to climate researchers, to prevent the most catastrophic effects of climate change, we must reduce global annual CO₂ emissions from about 40 gigatons per year as of 2018, to net-zero by 2050. To accomplish this, Stripe Climate-affiliated scientists assert the world will need to both radically reduce the new emissions we put into the air and remove carbon already in the atmosphere.

Unlike traditional carbon offset purchasing programs which focus simply on the reduction of net carbon emissions, Stripe Climate funds permanent carbon-removal technologies, thereby extending the impact of Aimably partnership contributions further than before.

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About Aimably

Aimably, Inc. was founded in 2020 by two software executive colleagues who had executed transformative operational change in their disciplines under private equity ownership. After independently realizing that Amazon Web Services cost understanding was a key weakness for both engineering and financial leadership, they resolved to develop a methodology that would bring these two departments together, eliminating executive embarrassment by equalizing access to and understanding of cloud hosting costs. Aimably was conceived to bring teams together in service of executing corporate strategy collaboratively, believing that when we work together, we succeed together.

About Stripe Climate

Stripe Climate allows any business to automatically direct a fraction of its revenue on Stripe toward carbon removal technologies—in under a minute. To date, tens of thousands of companies across 40 countries have joined in these efforts, helping provide a critical demand signal for new technologies.

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