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Aimably Introduces AWS Cost Monitoring for Slack

The cloud hosting financial management company now connects corporate teams with daily AWS cost reporting in their company’s primary collaboration space

OXNARD, CA (DECEMBER 13, 2021) – Aimably, Inc., the company delivering awareness and insight into Amazon Web Services (AWS) spending to growing technology company teams, today announced a Slack integration for its signature Aimably Pulse offering. Aimably Pulse delivers priceless peace of mind to financial and technology teams alike, ensuring the upcoming AWS bill is predictable and managed, no matter the day of the month. Slack is a collaboration hub that connects you to the people and tools you work with every day. The new Aimably Pulse integration for Slack meets clients where they are, ensuring AWS cost conversations happen where the core of their business operates.

Aimably is not just another technical tool for technical leadership. Rather, Aimably’s approach is to deliver financial knowledge and tools that bridge the gap between technology and operations, ensuring the two can speak the same language and plan collaboratively. Through its software suite and Advisor subscription service, Aimably gathers, reports, plans, controls, and monitors AWS spending, granting a new shared certainty over past and future infrastructure line items to finance and technology executives alike.

“As technology companies grow, AWS bill scale and variance take financial leadership by surprise, sparking tension with engineering leadership at a critical time in the business,” Chief Executive Officer Claire Milligan said. “The Slack integration for Aimably Pulse brings precise data to the conversation, eliminating accusations and paving the road for collaborative management.”

The Slack integration for Aimably Pulse is included in the Growth and Transformation paid subscriptions to Aimably. Earlier stage companies with tighter budgets can experience the Aimably Pulse data delivery via email in the Start-Up free tier.

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Aimably, Inc. was founded in 2020 by two software executive colleagues who had executed transformative operational change in their disciplines under private equity ownership. After independently realizing that cloud hosting cost understanding was a key weakness for both engineering and financial leadership, they resolved to develop a tool that would bring these two departments together, eliminating executive embarrassment by equalizing access to and understanding of cloud hosting costs. Aimably was conceived to bring teams together in service of executing corporate strategy collaboratively, believing that when we work together, we succeed together.

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