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Claire Milligan: How Aimably is Revolutionizing Cloud Cost Optimization

Featured in The Drop In CEO with Deborah A. Coviello

In this episode Claire Milligan, CEO of Aimably, shares her journey from software design to entrepreneurship and the importance of understanding the full business context when making decisions. She discusses the challenges of starting a company and the role of private equity firms in driving enterprise value. Milligan emphasizes the need for financial expertise within technical teams and the importance of managing cloud spend. She also reveals her personal experience with ADHD and how it has shaped her understanding of prioritization and motivation.

Whether she’s helping businesses transform their cloud spending or hitting the slopes as a ski patroller, Claire Milligan thrives on distilling complex problems down to their core issues — and turning these pragmatic findings into groundbreaking solutions. Through a journey spanning marketing, UX, and leadership roles at tech companies like Tallie and SpringAhead, she’s meticulously constructed a diverse skill set built upon hands-on expertise and an unrelenting thirst for knowledge. Now, as the CEO of startup Aimably, she’s applying her unique superpowers to help businesses grow by spending smarter and dramatically reducing their cloud costs.

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