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Aimably Announces Cloud Investor Solutions

The suite of software and services help institutional investors assess, compare and create value in portfolio companies, focusing on cloud hosting financial management.

Today, we're proud to announce our new Cloud Investor Solutions package of software and services that reduces technology investor deal risk and optimizes exit value by accurately managing the cloud financial position of any cloud-powered business.

Finance and technology leads at professional investment firms can use Cloud Investor Solutions to review public cloud financial operations through standardized lens, identify and set appropriate cost reduction goals, and review detailed ongoing GAAP-compliant financial reporting.

Last year, we started with our rapid-evaluation diligence solution that uses proprietary AI methodologies to offer public cloud investor analysis in 24 hours. We're proud to have made Sema our partner in that effort, ensuring all Sema customers have access the Aimably cloud scan during technical due diligence.

Shortly thereafter, we announced an advanced public cloud cost reduction program, which has been adopted by due diligence consulting firms trusted by the top private equity investors in North America. After one engagement, a team lead stated: "Most of us do not have time to gain that expertise which is why we need services like Aimably. Would love to work with this team in the future!"

Following these successes we understood that there is a clear need in the investment community for visibility and action around cloud hosting spend. Our new Cloud Investor Solutions package offers a transformation-informed approach to fast-track gross margin and operating margin increases in cloud-powered portfolio companies. Understanding this impact, Bessemer Venture Partners highlighted our services in the State of the Cloud 2023 report as a key profitability tool for SaaS businesses. 

While we do work with firms directly, Aimably is prioritizing the distribution of Cloud Investor Solutions through trusted partnerships, with customers of Sema and others able to purchase Cloud Investor Solutions immediately.

To learn more about our Cloud Investor Solutions, visit our institutional investor use case page.

Media coverage for our announcement can be found via Business Wire.

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