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Release Notes v2.6.0

Growth Never Stops

The release of Aimably v2.6.0 went live today, 09/23/2021. At Aimably we recognize growth is a continual process and isn’t always linear. To that end, while we are always looking at ways to improve and expand our product, we also look back at ways to refine completed work. This release focused on the creation of a new framework so that accounts are being provided the correct access to features based on their billing plan. In addition, we performed routine and perfective maintenance.

Feature-set Restrictions

Accounts that are on our middle and highest tiered billing plans presently have unlimited access to all Aimably features. Accounts that are on our free tier though will now be presented with new pages in the application that inform them about the restriction from that feature as well as provide them with information on the feature. In addition, clients will also be presented with a link that allows them to upgrade their accounts quickly and easily.

Screenshot of a page in Aimably labeled Inventory Summary. Included on the page is a screenshot of the product and a variety of feature descriptions, but no functionality. At the bottom is a prompt to upgrade your account in order to gain access to the page functionality.
Users will see a screen like this in the event that their billing plan restricts access to a page or module.

Additional Changes and Bug Fixes

  • As AWS expands its presence in the world with new data centers we periodically need to update those in Aimably as well. We made changes to now incorporate all of the regions that previously we were not. These were regions that require special permission and access to use as well as query. We have now added in regions for the Middle East, South Africa, amongst others.

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