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Release Notes v2.7.0

Perfective Maintenance

The release of Aimably v2.7.0 went live today, 10/13/2021. This release is what we deem perfective maintenance and represents our ongoing standard to fix issues or make smaller adjustments to the application to improve the user experience.

Member Accounts Display Changes

With the Aimably beta period ending a couple of weeks ago, we noticed we had some additional changes that needed to be made to better display member accounts. Specifically in the situation where a tenant elected to move from our beta testing platform to our now free billing tier. In this particular scenario, we wanted to ensure that member accounts were still showing in certain areas and also that we were filtering data properly in others.

Screenshot of the Connect to AWS page in Aimably. Displays an active connection to an AWS organization named Veridian Dynamics and the managing account. All other member accounts are colored blue and have the label: Upgrade Billing Plan for Access
When using some of the more restricted billing plans offered by Aimably, not all member account data is accessible.

Now when viewing their account organizational structure clients on our free tier can still see their full account layout, but also be aware of any member accounts not being included in the cost and usage metrics. In addition, those clients are presented with a link that makes the upgrade to a higher billing tier quick and simple.

Compute Optimizer Changes

The AWS Compute Optimizer is a service that analyzes the configuration and utilization metrics of your AWS resources. Aimably makes use of the Compute Optimizer to report whether your resources are optimal and generates optimization recommendations on our Helpful Hints page. You may then use our Helpful Hints to reduce the cost and improve the performance of your instances and other resources. We have recently made a change to our AWS policies to enable Aimably to opt into the Compute Optimizer more readily and as such empower you to get the best and latest content on how to improve your AWS resources.

Screenshot of the Aimably Helpful Hints page, including five specific recommendations
The Helpful Hints page used to offer instructions to turn on Compute Optimizer. These notifications are now gone.

Additional Changes and Bug Fixes

As always all software has defects that need to be corrected on an ongoing basis. Here is a list of the bug fixes we have recently released.

  • Missing Storage Totals - it was brought to our attention that on the Inventory Summary page our current Storage total was inaccurately reporting. We did a review and ensured that we were pulling all of the most recent AWS storage classes, as well as corrected some issues in where access was being denied, and lastly ensured all regions were being polled correctly. This has resulted in a better and more accurate storage total however, we are still seeing additional room for improvement. We will continue to update this feature until we are satisfied all storage is being polled and reported accurately.
  • Instance Clean Up - we detected an issue where historical placeholders for certain deleted AWS objects were still being reported as if those instances were active and present. So we cleaned those up for objects such as VPCs, load balancers, EC2 instances, cloud storage, and EBS and RDS snapshots. Now those counts are accurate and reflect only active resources.
  • Spelling Corrections - we had a few small spelling mistakes in our new static marketing pages that needed correction.
  • Warn Notifications Page Restriction - for those tenants choosing to move to our free billing tier we found that the restriction for our Warn Notification Settings page was not responding properly. This has been corrected.

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