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Release Notes v2.8.0

Perfective Maintenance

The release of Aimably v2.8.0 went live today, 11/24/2021. This release is what we deem perfective maintenance and represents our ongoing standard to fix issues or make smaller adjustments to the application to improve the user experience.

Upgade to .Net Core 3.1

While upgrades to background architecture are far from exciting they do provide us at Aimably the ability to offer more advanced and secure features. As we progress in developing new features that are client-facing this upgrade will enable us to do so while maintaining the latest patches and security features.

Now when viewing their account organizational structure clients on our free tier can still see their full account layout, but also be aware of any member accounts not being included in the cost and usage metrics. In addition, those clients are presented with a link that makes the upgrade to a higher billing tier quick and simple.

Static Marketing Page for Detailed Spend

We had an oversight in our recent deployment of static marketing pages for some of Amably’s paid features, notably the Detailed Spend page. This has been completed now and offers clients using our free version an opportunity to view the features and advantages of the Detailed Spend module and how it can benefit them in understanding and controlling their AWS costs.

Screenshot of the Aimably product depicting the functionality of the Detailed Spend page when the page is restricted from view due to Billing Plan limitations
All pages now have static and dynamic versions

Additional Changes and Bug Fixes

As always all software has defects that need to be corrected on an ongoing basis. Here is a list of the bug fixes we have recently released.

  • Audit Trail Page Showing Success Entries Erroneously - We had an issue on the Audit Trail page where if a server failed to start it would show as started in the audit trail. This has been corrected.
  • Snapshot Storage Incorrect Totals/History - There was an issue reported where the totals in the Snapshot column on the Inventory Summary page were incorrect as it was not assessing all types of S3 storage. This has been corrected and all S3 storage classes are now represented. This issue also affected some historical data coming back concerning S3 buckets and that has also been rectified.
  • Helpful Hints Scrolling Issue - We had an issue reported that certain browsers were not negotiating the scrolling properly in the Helpful Hints page. This has been corrected and a more modern approach to the scroll bar has been implemented.
  • Email Validation on Sign Up - An issue was reported where the sign-up pages were rejected for proper company emails on validation. We have updated that validation to prevent this issue for any and all addresses moving forward.
  • Help Center/Contact Support Links Broken - We found an issue in testing where the Help Center and Contact Support links were pointing back to the AImably site directly instead of the proper sites for those functions. This has been corrected.

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