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Release Notes v3.0

Perfective Maintenance

The release of Aimably v3.0.0 went live today, 02/14/2022. This release is what we deem perfective maintenance and represents our ongoing standard to fix issues or make smaller adjustments to the application to improve the user experience.

Additional Changes and Bug Fixes

As always all software has defects that need to be corrected on an ongoing basis. Here is a list of the bug fixes we have recently released.

  • An issue was reported that the Detailed Spend page was not paginating correctly and as such was also not exporting data to CSV properly. This has been remedied.
  • An issue was detected in testing that was preventing the addition of multiple AWS accounts per individual Aimably tenant. This was corrected.
  • An issue was found in the Connect to AWS page where the organizational chart was not sorting properly. This has been corrected and now the chart sorts on standard alphanumeric ordering.
  • An issue was detected where additional API calls were being made that were not necessary. This was remediated and resulted in some improvements on the AWS account syncing.

Release Notes