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Release Notes v3.0.1

Perfective Maintenance & Hotfix

The release of Aimably v3.0.1 went live yesterday, 04/27/2022. This release is what we deem perfective maintenance and represents our ongoing standard to fix issues or make smaller adjustments to the application to improve the user experience. Post-release we also deployed a hotfix to our production environment to remediate some elevated CPU usage.

Additional Changes and Bug Fixes

As always all software has defects that need to be corrected on an ongoing basis. Here is a list of the bug fixes we have recently released.

  • An issue was found and corrected where not all RDS instances were displaying correctly on the inventory details page.
  • An issue was found and corrected where certain server and database resources were not responding to stop or start commands issues from the manual control page. This has been resolved and now all resources respond accordingly.
  • An issue was found where the work scheduler page was continuously loading and would not resolve and display the schedules. This was corrected.
  • A performance issue was found in the trends page that was causing some graphics to load very slowly. This was corrected and now all graphs are loading in the expected time.
  • An issue was reported where certain tenants could no longer sync and were receiving a misleading error on the AWS connection page. This has been resolved and all tenants are syncing appropriately.
  • An issue was found where the Snapshot History graph was not loading properly on the trends page. This has been corrected.

Release Notes