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Release Notes v3.0.10

Perfective Maintenance

New Features

Sync Improvements

In an effort to increase scalability we have paid special attention Aimably's sync with AWS. We have made significant improvements to the sync over the last month that allow us to effortlessly handle the largest clients. These improvements of course also benefit our smaller clients as well by significantly increasing the speed of the sync. In addition we have added detection for suspended accounts. Now when suspended accounts are found they are displayed with an appropriate message on each so that users may easily identify them.

New Reporting Scripts

In our ongoing support of the Aimably Cost Reduction Assessment and Due Diligence offerings we have developed a number of new report scripts. These new reports allow us to offer the maximum possible savings to our clients for their AWS and Azure annual costs. We will continue to expand our reporting capabilities to continual offer our clients greater savings.

Additional Changes and Bug Fixes

As always all software has defects that need to be corrected on an ongoing basis. Here is a list of the bug fixes we have recently released.

  • Bug | 1573 - CUR: Increase Selectivity of Invoice Line Items from the CUR Report
  • Bug | 1595 - Correct Minor Issue with Invoice Creation
  • Bug | 1601 - Correct Minor Setup Error for CUR
  • Bug | 1603 - Sync Improvements
  • Bug | 1611 - Remove Obsolete AWS S3 Regions
  • Bug | 1612 - Correct Error on Mapping Types
  • Bug | 1614 - Add Functionality to Disable SimpleSync on Demand
  • Bug | 1617 - Increase CUR Import Speed
  • Bug | 1618 - Add Region Constraints to Statistics Pulls
  • Bug | 1620 - Update Role Permissions for EMR
  • Bug | 1635 - Correct Suspended Member Accounts Visibility
Release Notes