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Release Notes v3.0.11

Aimably Instance Type Recommendations

New Features

Aimably Instance Type Recommendations

In an effort to increase savings visibility Aimably has added a new feature, Aimably Instance Type Recommendations. With each sync of the Aimably AWS integration Aimably will loop through all a client's EC2 instances and make recommendations for how to upgrade each instance to curtail AWS spending. This data will be displayed in the application on the Inventory Details page. We have added a new column to display the recommendation results.

Aimably Instance Type Recommendations

For each instance Aimably will make up to two recommendations. These recommendations will be color coded. If the recommendation is in black text is is an advanced recommendation. This indicates that while it is possible to move from the current instance type to the recommended instance type it is not an immediate change that can be completed. It is a change that may require more development/engineering input as it may incur architectural or code changes. An example of this would be moving from a t2.micro to a t4g.micro instance. While the change is till in the t-micro family it is a move to a Graviton instance type from a non-Graviton instance type. If the recommendation is in green text it is an easy recommendation. This indicated that while you may still want development/engineering input the chance may be implemented immediately via the AWS console, CLI, or API.

In addition to listing the recommendations instance type Aimably also does the math for you and lists the percentage savings you will achieve by migrating to the newer instance types! With this information you are fully empowered as a stakeholder to have the necessary conversations on all of your EC2 instances and find fast savings.

New AWS Region Added

Aimably is happy to announce the addition of the latest region generally available in AWS, Israel - Tel Aviv. The new region will be monitored as all other regions are and Aimably will actively take stock of all resources such as EC2 instance, capacity reservations, reserved instances, savings plans, etc. In addition the region will be added to all of our Aimably service offerings for cost reduction and due diligence.

Elasticache Data

Aimably is always striving for continual automation of data collection for our services in cost reduction and due diligence. To that end we have now automated the capture and storage of AWS Elasticache resources. Having the data readily on hand will allow Aimably implementation engineers to find the highest savings possible when comes to Elasticache!

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