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SaaS Operators

Grow your business with financial discipline.

With an accurate understanding of your gross margins, cost per customer, and product profitability, you can put your minds together to meet the demands of an evolving economy.

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Know your real margins, down to the cent.

Rigorous financial reporting is required to navigate a changing economy. We help finance teams answer detailed questions about the business purpose each element of AWS spending. This creates confidence in valuation projections.

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Compare costs like you compare revenue.

Limited resources require businesses to isolate products for focus and let others go. We make it easy to isolate AWS costs for specific business units in order to develop a complete picture of revenue and cost per product. This leads to smart investment strategies for growth.

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Predict an AWS cost for every new customer.

The very best financial leaders can predict financial impact of every business event, but AWS spending makes this challenging. We give you insight into the AWS costs of each of your customers, making it easy to build models to predict the exact cost of any new customer.

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Select projects that will pay off.

Healthy businesses model risks and rewards before investing time and effort. We help teams envision how new markets, products or infrastructure efficiencies will affect AWS spending. This makes it easier to evaluate and embrace new strategies.

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Pricing Strategy

Make money on every single customer.

When it's time to shift focus from revenue growth to profitability, a business must make every customer relationship profitable. We make it easy to understand the AWS cost basis of every client, empowering sales and account teams to right-size every relationship.

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How will you transform a business?

Public cloud costs have been misunderstood and ignored for too long. Aimably's tools make your opportunities clear.

Imagine the possibilities.

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AWS Invoice Management Software

Transform your AWS usage into meaningful accounting transactions, automatically

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AWS Cost Reduction Assessment

A custom, in-depth cost optimization roadmap built to deliver real financial results

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Public Cloud Due Diligence Report

A technical and financial snapshot of a company's cloud footprint, built for mergers & acquisitions

Create clarity.
Make transformation possible.

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