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Photo of a meeting in a conference room taken through the doorway.
Photo of a meeting in a conference room taken through the doorway.

There's a new playbook for AWS cost management.

It's called cloud financial analysis. With in-depth knowledge of sources and drivers of spend, financial leaders regain control over their P&L.

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Unsustainable Spending

You look ahead at your financial forecasts and your rates of revenue growth aren't strong enough to balance the high rates of AWS spend.

Surprise, Massive Invoices

Nobody knew it was coming, but a very large AWS bill just landed in your inbox and your credit card has already been charged.

Accounting Isn't Adding Up

The financial reports don't match the engineering team dashboards, and business decisions are being made without having the real facts.


Proportion of revenue spent on AWS bills by the average SaaS company


IDEAL Proportion of revenue spent on AWS by a SaaS Company
Overspending is everywhere

If your AWS bill keeps you up at night, you are not alone.

Cloud hosting costs frequently equal 20 to 35% of a software company’s revenue, though an ideal target would be between 10 and 15%. According to a 2020 study by Pepperdata, a majority of technology companies haven’t found any effective tools for getting the spend back within budget.

That's why we created Aimably
Transparency is powerful

Aimably puts your finance team back in control. Model your AWS spending with the same confidence as all other cost lines. Influence business operations decisions with a more robust data set.

Aimably for Corporate Accountants
DATA Creates Momentum

Aimably transforms theoretical conversations to data-driven analysis. The cost to build a product or serve a customer becomes concrete fact.

Aimably for SaaS Operators
FOcUS Drives Decisions

Aimably makes it easy to spot trends and capture opportunities. Hold your entire portfolio accountable to infrastructure spend goals. Drive action. Generate results.

Aimably for Institutional Investors

Technology companies aren't built to manage AWS costs well.

In the traditional model, accounting and procurement are responsible for purchasing decisions of business-critical items. Yet, in the SaaS model, these decisions are made by the CTO.

It's time to level-up the CTO.

Blog Series: SaaS Finances 101
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How will you transform a business?

Public cloud costs have been misunderstood and ignored for too long. Aimably's tools make your opportunities clear.

Imagine the possibilities.

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AWS Invoice Management Software

Transform your AWS usage into meaningful accounting transactions, automatically

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AWS Cost Reduction Assessment

A custom, in-depth cost optimization roadmap built to deliver real financial results

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Public Cloud Due Diligence Report

A technical and financial snapshot of a company's cloud footprint, built for mergers & acquisitions

Create clarity.
Make transformation possible.

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