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Photo of a woman in front of a whiteboard smiling.
Photo of a woman in front of a whiteboard smiling

Our team is ready to take you to the next level.

Through tried and true financial planning, reporting, and analysis techniques, our experts develop and maintain cloud financial maturity for you, ensuring the right results for your stage of business.

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AWS Financial Operations Services by Aimably.

Crafted to elevate your company's cloud financial health while you stay focused on your core mission.

Aimably helps teams:

Cloud Financial Maturity ASSESSMENT

The more advanced your financial operations, the more effective your leadership can be in making critical business decisions. Every Aimably AWS Financial Operations Services engagement begins with an evaluation of your company's current cloud financial operations. Once complete, our team will build a custom plan and timeline to maturity.

Illustration of the cloud financial maturity assessment produced by the AWS financial operations services team at Aimably
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aimably SOFTWARE Administration

It's most important to get results, even if you don't have staff on hand to manage expert software. Our AWS Financial Operations Services team can implement and administer the Aimably's AWS Spend Transparency Software and AWS Invoice Management Software for you, providing guidance and expertise at every step.

AWS Forecasting & Budgeting

Yes, you really can plan for AWS costs in advance! Aimably's AWS Financial Operations Services team wrote the book on AWS cost modeling, budgeting, and planning. All clients build a comprehensive AWS annual budget under our team's guidance, and can request ad hoc cost modeling services for additional product expansions.

Illustration of an AWS budget prepared by Aimably financial operations services
Illustration of an Aimably board report for AWS financial operations services
Executive & Board Reporting

You're going to be proud of what we've accomplished together and we'll help you show it off. Aimably's AWS Financial Operations Services team will craft effective reporting slides and ensure you're prepped to speak to all their details in your next meeting.

A new approach to AWS cost management.

Technical solutions to financial management challenges that meet the exacting standards of any accountant.

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